Construction & Commissioning

Construction & Commissioning
  1. Construction

We provide construction and installation services for power stations, water treatments and desalination plants including:

  • Mechanical Systems
    • Gas / Steam Turbine
    • HRSG and thermal conventional Boilers
    • MSF & RO Water desalination
    • Steel structures
    • Oil tanks
    • Water tanks
    • Pipelines
    • Mechanical pumps
    • Testing & Pre-commissioning (Hydrostatic test, etc)
  • Electrical
    • Electrical Generators
    • MV/LV switchgear panels
    • DC and Safe AC (UPS) Panels
    • Electrical motors
    • Electrical transformers
    • Insulated Phase Bus ducts
    • MV/LV Cabling (Cable trays & Conduits, Cable Laying & Dressing, Termination, tests)
    • Lighting and Earthing systems
    • Testing & Pre-commissioning (Insulation test, Hi Pot test, Protection relay tests, function tests, etc)
  • Instrumentation and Control
    • Installation of DCS and PLC panels
    • Installation of control room equipment (Operator Desks, HMI, Large Screens, etc)
    • Installation of field Instruments (Hook-up drawings, JBs, Instrument panles,etc)
    • Instruments calibration
    • Instrument Cabling (Multicore cables, Fiber Optic, etc)
    • Testing & Pre-commissioning( Continuity test, Megger test, calibration, etc)
  1. Commissioning

We provide full commissioning services for Gas & Steam Turbines, HRSGs, thermal Boilers, MSF and RO Desalination plants including:

  • Preparing commissioning test procedures
  • Hydro-static pressure Tests
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Flushing, Air Blowing, Steam blowing
  • Instrument calibration and loop test
  • Commissioning of Electrical switchgears (LV, MV and DC Systems), Motors, transformers, etc.
  • Commissioning of DCS (Distributed Control System) and PLC componnents (Hardware tests,Logic implementation and test, Server Administartion, HMI, etc)
  • Cold & Hot Function tests of subsystems
  • Plant cold / hot start-up
  • Process Tuning & Optimization
  • Performance test, etc